The Lucky Envelope


Joshua Bright for The New York Times

Dear Families,

We have a fundraising update for you which has all the makings of a great New York story so hunker down and lend us a moment….

Before Thanksgiving we printed up fundraising envelopes and sent them home in each child’s backpack with a suggestion to set the table with envelopes if napkins run out on turkey day. A few envelopes made it back and those, along with all of your generous online donations have brought us to 90% of our family donations goal for the year. This is great news and we thank you.

But, along the way, one of those envelopes fell out of a folder and onto the street. Turns out, that was the luckiest envelope of all.

Skip ahead to December 27th and this article in the Arts section of the NY Times about artist Ron Barron who creates masterpieces out of NYC garbage. Scroll down to the second image (also above) and look inside the plastic bag – the lucky envelope! When Roberta’s husband Fred Valentine tipped us off to this we were pretty psyched, after all, getting into the Times is a big deal, even if you get in as a piece of garbage inside of a ziplock bag. So we wrote Ron Barron an email to let him know a bit about the history of the envelope he found and how it might have made it into his collection. Turns out Ron was just as psyched to hear from us as we were to see that photo and after several emails we were making plans for him to visit Maggie’s class to work with the kids on a recycled art project (he will be coming in May) and he was offering to donate the print which includes our envelope to the Gala Auction.

But wait you might be thinking – why are we only at 90% of our fundraising goal? How can we get to 100%?

It’s easy. We are nearly there so if you haven’t made a donation yet, please take a moment to do so now. Or, if you are feeling happy that your kid/s are at EVCS, consider chipping in another $10 to get us to 100%. Here is the link:

And as always, thank you to everyone for all your generous support. And thanks for throwing away our envelopes in the most interesting places.

The EVCS Fundraising Team