Parent Math Workshop – This Saturday

Dear EVCS Families,

Have you been wondering what in the world a “tape diagram” is, and why your child is using it to solve math problems? And what ever happened to the trusty old standard US algorithm? I hope you will join us on Saturday morning from 10 to 12 for our Parent Math Workshop! We will be exploring the progression of skills and concepts taught throughout the elementary school grades, as well as the models and strategies your children are learning to use to represent their thinking in math. It should be a fun and interesting morning, and childcare will be provided.

If you plan to come, please RSVP here.

To provide a little context and fuel for the discussion, here is a recent article from the New York Times on the Politics of Math Education and another one from last year that I found resonant, entitled Why Do Americans Stink at Math?.

Looking forward to learning together!