Parent Assembly Meeting Minutes – November 19, 2014 [DRAFT]

Parent Association General Meeting – November 19th, 2014 – 8:30am

 Approval of Minutes

 President Report

  • no update on principal selection

Principal Discussion on Common Core

  • misinformation on Common Core (CC)
    • grossly misrepresented in media, etc., lumped into Race to Top, No Child, Testing,standardized curriculum
  • What CC is not
    • testing
    • curriculum
  • They are standards, roadmap kids need to know and do. Benchmarks
    • NY State has always had standards, CC significant shift from NYS standards
      • NYS – “mile wide, inch deep” long list of discrete things, knowledge based but not taught deep meaning
      • CC – shorter list but go deeper into each thing (a positive)
      • CC – emphasis on process, thinking , reasoning, understanding rather than just knowledge of fact
  • content – ELA – strong emphasis on non-fiction reading and writing
    • data over decades that kids graduate high school, going to CUNY unable to be successful in Intro English courses. take remedial Eng to learn essay writing. not ready for college/careers
    • ie, literary essay – evidence to support, expository, academic vocabulary
    • parent mentioned – push back on nonfiction – kids need to use imagination. Bradley’s take – kids like facts and some felt marginalized. fiction is a lot of narrative girls on a journey stories
    • pushing analytical thinking
      • no one has told EVCS how to implement CC
        • doing it on their own and integrating it with our school mission
      • To what extent do we use EngageNY  website for curriculum?
        • adapting modifying for our school purposes. Use for guiding homework
  • Math
    • far fewer concepts taught but in deeper way
    • develop content standards per grade
    • CC also published standards for mathematical practice – deal with reasoning and communication using model to demonstrate what you are doing.
    • centerpiece of math curriculum is Engage NY
    • Grades 1-5 supplement with Dreambox learning on computer
      • tailors experience and content to the user
    • parents want Parent Math Workshop
  • we use Teachers College as reading and writing model
    • we are not TC school but purchased all materials but many of our teachers come from there

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Public School 61 1913-2014 – 101 Years and counting

ps61_047-300x236 ps61_085-300x230

Public School 61 – This website documents the rich history of the schools in the Public School 61 Complex at 610 East 12th.

Chronicles Famed Home of NYC Public Education – Press Celebrating PS61- The current home of EVCS!

A little history on where your child is going to school published by PhD Student (and EVCS Parent ) Jason McDonald.

You can Purchase a Centennial Calendar at the next PA meeting or school function or stop by Room 210 to get yours today and support our efforts in honoring the legacy of PS61.

Parent Band! Practicing next Tuesday!

download (1)

Attention, all musical parents! Please join the parent band! We’ll provide musical accompaniment to the Festival of Lights and the Multicultural Share and it will be fun. We’re holding our inaugural practice/jam session Tuesday, Dec. 2 at 6PM in the school auditorium. There’s some sound equipment there, so no need to schlep amps — just bring yourselves and your instrument. Please contact me if you can join us for this or future practices.



Matt Arnold (dad of 3rd grader Oscar)

(917) 576-2296

What: Parent band practice!
When: Tuesday, Dec. 2, 6PM
Where: The school auditorium

11.21.2014 EVCS Reminders

Dear Parents

We have had a fun week and with the shift in temperatures it is time to really gear up with your winter clothing. Be sure to dress your kids so that they are able to participate in the outdoor recess and feel cozy.
Hats and gloves or mittens are highly recommended.

A few reminders for next week:
Re: Harvest Festival
So far we have collected around 1,000 items!! There is still time to reach a goal of 1200 if everyone brings in 1-2 more items on Monday.
We can do it! Join the Harvest Festival Tuesday, November 25
Students will line up in the yard and organize all the cans, sing songs and then we all walk the cans over to Trinity on Ave B and 9th Street.
It is a great tradition and everyone is welcome to join in the walk!

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Charter schools, high-stakes testing, Common Core and more!


Dear Families,

The Community Action Committee’s first topic will be organizing with the Community Education Council (CEC) against the opening of a Success Academy Charter School in our district that would take space from actual public schools. More info can be found here. We’ll be meeting this coming Tuesday after drop-off in the lobby, possibly moving to Roost for some good coffee.

Meanwhile, for more information on the Common Core– not so much how it is interpreted in our school, which Bradley did a good job of explaining at the PA mtg this week, but what the national context is, some of the criticisms of how it affects at-risk schools and kids and how it relates to high-stakes testing, corporatization of education, teacher scapegoating, and sharing our children’s personal data — read this speech by Diane Ravitch reprinted in the Washington Post.

If you’re interested in these issues or have others you’d like to work on, please join the CAC and come to the meeting Tuesday!



PS If you can’t make it but want to be kept in the loop, just respond to this email and I’ll put you on the list.

11.17.2014 EVCS This week and more…


Dear Families

A few reminders for this week:
7 days until Harvest Festival, keep bringing cans when you can!

Wednesday, November 19 PA General Meeting 8:30am – 9:30am
In the cafeteria. 2015 Centennial Calendars ($15) and School Wide Photos ($10) will be available. Stop by to get your very own!

Wednesday, November 19 CEC Meeting – Class Size 6pm – 9pm
PS 20, 166 Essex Street

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PA meeting Wednesday morning

Please join us for the PA meeting this Wednesday morning after drop off in the CAFETERIA.

Questions about the COMMON CORE? Bradley will be talking about what the common core is and what it means in our classrooms.

Come hear about important PA news and upcoming events.

See you there,
Allison and Boryana
EVCS PA Co-Presidents

11.14.2014 EVCS Reminders

Dear Parents

This week flew by, but not to fear there is more coming up!

Saturday, November 15 Diversity Workshop 1:30pm – 5:00pm
PS 20, 166 Essex Street

The Harvest Festival is only weeks away. Please keep bringing unopened cans to the school yard before Tuesday, November 25th.
A suggestion is to put 1-2 cans in your child’s backpack every few days vs a huge bag. For new parents of EVCS, this is a yearly event where all students and the EVCS community help provide food around the Thanksgiving Holiday to those in need.
On Tuesday morning November 25th, EVCS students and families will gather in the school playground and walk over to Trinity Lutheran together to deliver our collected cans. Trinity is located at 9th Street and Avenue B…we could use a few granny carts to carry the cans over!

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Camile’s temporary replacement and HALF DAY REMINDER

Hi Everyone,

My name is Boryana and as some of you already know I’ll be replacing Camile while she is on maternity leave. She just had her baby this past Thursday! He’s a very cute and healthy boy named Cassiel :-)
You may contact me with any question you would have for Camile! Please let me know in advance if your child is not coming to his/her Afterschool class!

Don’t forget TOMORROW is a NO SCHOOL day and THURSDAY is HALF DAY!!! You still have time to sign up your child for the half day program if you need to.

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